Monday, September 22, 2008

walking for a cure!

Sunday morning, bright and early, a group of us women and girls headed down to "big city" for a very cool fundraiser for cancer research. We stopped at pioneer square for a group photo.
We got to be right at the start line, under the cool balloon arch!

We took lots of combinations of group photos at this point. I think a few of the women around us were not too amused, but we had a great time taking pictures of each other.
Here we are walking down Broadway in the mass of people. It is cool to be a part of something so big!
Then of course, since we were so close, we had to treat ourselves to a little bit of heaven! My daughter will probably want to kill me if she sees this photo?!?!?
We love you saint cupcake!
It was a great time and it didn't even rain a drop on us.


Julie said...

so wish i could have been there with you guys. looks like you had a great time.

Julie said...

ps. i love your pig-tails

Trish said...


thank you, as you know this means alot to me!

I want to do it next year, hopefully my sis will come do it with me.

that pic of emma is priceless!

Eryn said...

My mom and I were bummed to not participate this year.

I'm learning to say NO to a few things here and plate runneth over these days. Glad you guys had fun!

Mara said...

Meleea....I didn't make it once again, but I was thinking of you glad it didnt' rain on you! Maybe next year??