Friday, January 2, 2009

this boy is becoming a man

13 years ago we had a pretty great New Year's Eve Party! We spent the day in the hospital delivering our first child, Dakota (Cody). Our 8 pound gift from heaven arrived at 8:34 that night and life was never the same!

Cody was such a fun & giggling toddler-preschooler. He spent a lot of time riding on his horse, whom he lovingly named "bob".

Cody had a strong love affair with all heavy equipment. It was the main thing he talked about - forklifts, excavators, backhoes, dump trucks. He had shirts, books, movies, birthday parties all about construction equipment. Every time we were in the car he would point out any piece of equipment we would come across and he knew them all by name.

From the day she was born Cody has been a great big brother. He was so excited for us to have a baby and he even picked out the name Emma when I was pregnant. I love this picture because it shows how gentle and patient he has always been with his little sister. Lots of little kids love Cody and I look forward to seeing him with his own kids some day.
From the time Cody was a little boy he has been on a lot of job sites. He got his own work gloves and tool bag with real tools when he was 3. He knows more about building a building than most adults. He can tell you about trusses, perlins, girts, foundations, roofing, etc. and he has gotten to do a lot of work himself. I love that he knows how to paint, lay tile, install hardwood, use lots of different kinds of power tools, etc. Cody is a very hard worker and was even voted "hardest worker" when he went on a recent youth group mission trip. I love that he doesn't mind getting dirty and figuring stuff out.
Speaking of building....Cody has spent more hours building Lego's than you can imagine. He builds them the way they are supposed to go but he also loves to make his own creations. If you could earn money building Lego's, Cody would be a millionaire. Maybe he will be an architect when he grows up.
One of the coolest things about my son is that while he may seem reserved in public, he can be such a crazy man at home. He loves to have fun and he has one of the greatest laughs I have ever heard.
Cody is an incredible student and loves to learn. A couple of years ago he got to dissect a squid - he dove right in and loved all the learning that went right with it!
Cody spends hours reading - he can read a novel in about 5 days. It is a weird thing to have to tell your child to stop reading because he reads too much but we do have to do that sometimes.
He did his 6Th grade science project on bridges. He built 6 types of bridges out of Popsicle sticks. It is a perfect example of how hard he works at school. He goes to an accelerated program and even gets straight A's. We are so proud of him and how hard he works!
He is a very loyal friend. The friends that God has given him are all great boys - the kind you want your daughter to marry. Cody chooses friends very carefully and he commits to them. When I was looking back at all of his birthday party pictures, it is so many of the same boys year after year.
I look forward to the teenage years with this wise, brave, strong, determined man. The things he thinks about and ponders are deep (sometimes deeper than my mind goes). God has a hold of him and I know He will not let him go. I am so proud to be his mom and to have the opportunity to be a part of his life. Happy birthday Cody - may this be a year of new experiences, continued faith building, blessings in relationships and fun along the way! Thanks for being the best son I could dream of! I love you!


annaliese said...

this is such a wonderful tribute to your son! I love this post, and I love that you are embracing the teen years as they should be--with glad anticipation of amazing new and good experiences. *sigh* there's just something about sons, that makes me tear up even thinking of my son entering his teens--they are such blessings!

Lee Ann said...

That is awesome Meleea! How proud you guys must be. I wish I knew Cody better. Sounds like someone everyone would like to know.

Mara said...

wow, what a special son you have!! I loved reading about him over the years. How great that the day after his bday will always be a holiday...that is so cool!!

Trish said...

Happy Birthday Cody!
What a great young man he is.

This is a beautiful post Meleea, and how fun to see all the wonderful attributes of Cody.

We will pray that this year will be a year of great blessing for him!

Dee said...

What an amazing tribute to your son! I absolutely love this entry in your blog.

I just love all the details that you gave about your son! You should be proud.

Julie said...

what a great post, meleea. he really is an incredible young man. He is so patient with our crazy kids...I pray my boys grow up to be like your son! happy birthday, Cody.

Kelli said...

very nice post. It's great to be proud of your kids like that.

Anonymous said...

This is such a perfect description of Cody. I have loved watching all of those stages of his life. He is probably one of the most well rounded individuals I have ever known. You never have to entertain him because he is always thinking.
I love having him for a grandson