Friday, February 8, 2008

My revelations today

I started my day off with a fun field trip to the state capital with my daughter's 4th grade class from school. It was a wet day with a long bus ride but the kids all had a great time and I really enjoyed visiting with moms on the trip. Here is my daughter and her friends.

I rushed home tonight to get my firstborn off to his first snow weekend with Middle school ministry. To be honest, I have been a little nervous about this trip. I mean off with young yahoo leaders on a bus for a weekend in the snow to sled/ski at the mountain. Plus, throw in some crazy competitions in the dark! What could you add to cause worry for a first-year youth mom. I have done a lot of youth ministry in the past so I should have nothing to worry about and should be able to trust all these young & capable leaders. But maybe it is because I have done so much ministry that I know what to worry about!
But on the way to the church to drop him off, we did our ususal prayer in the car. I prayed for an awesome time with God & friends. I prayed for protection and safety. I thanked the Lord for the opportunity to go and for the amazing love I see growing in my amazing son. But as I prayed the Lord just hit me with the greatest gift. What a history and heritage it is for my son to go to this camp. His own two parents both went to that same camp as students some 25 years earlier. We went to that camp as students, then leaders, then cooks. He has even helped cook at the camp. My son may lay his head down on a bunk tonight that is the very same bunk his own dad laid on some 25 years ago. Think of all the amazing lives that have been changed in those very same cabins! What a gift that is from the Lord! I don't need to worry about the details when God is giving him such a rich blessing.
The boys have a great small group with great friends and a good leader. Last night when we asked him what he wanted prayer about for this weekend, he said simply.."I want to grow". Not I want to have fun? Thank you God - I think he gets what it is about. I will let you know how the weekend goes for him and for this first-year youth mom.


The Pace Posse said...

That is an awesome legacy! I hope Cody has a great time and that God answers his prayer for growth in a mighty way this weekend!

One- said...

Hey Meleea, it's Kim (Smith) Anthony. I was just reading this blog about your son going to camp. It was bringing back memories for me. I was just thinking how cool, Meleea and Curtis both went to that camp and now their son is going, when you started to write about that. Today is the first day I came across your blog. I will have to check it out more often.

meleea said...

hey Kim - i remember having several good retreats at that camp with you! i have checked out your blog a few times - i love the design and i love to read about your family. I want to add you to my blog friends if it is okay.

One- said...

Of course you can add me to your friends list, and I will do the same- Your kids are adorable, and so grown up.

Shannon said...

It really is a really cool heritage. We are all very blessed to have grown up in the ministries that we did and I too am excited to pass that heritage on to my children!

Glad he had a great time!