Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Train Trip

Yesterday Curtis and I joined our daughter's class for a train trip to Seattle. The kids love loading the train and hanging out for the three hour trip. Here is Emma and her good friend Taylor.
The purpose of the trip is to go to the Seattle Aquarium, which is pretty cool. We got to see some great animals and watch them feed them. While we were there Emma's teacher's daughter, who is going to school in the Seattle Area, dropped by for a visit. Now at this point the rest of us parents and teachers became invisible, because none of us is as cool as this girl! She is definitely a favorite among the girls!

After the aquarium visit, we had about three hours of free time. A bunch of us parents and students headed off to the original Starbucks and then toured Pike Street Market. We had fun people watching and looking through the booths. The weather was amazing - no rain the whole trip. Thank you God! On the walk back to the train station, we stopped for some photos at this fun fountain. I love the walk along the waterfront in Seattle. It is such a fun area. Curtis took this shot of us.
Emma and a bunch of her friends wanted some goofy pictures. This was a bittersweet trip for us. We have been at the same school for five years and Emma enjoys her friends a lot. Since she will be going to a new school next year, this was our last field trip with these girls. We were so glad we had such a fun time and that we will have great memories of the day!


Julie said...

so fun, meleea.

annette said...

great pictures and awesome that it didn't rain on you! : )

Valerie said...

Riley and I have enjoyed that train trip a lot. Our next time we plan to go to the aquarium. Looks like lots of fun. We really like that town. So glad it didn't rain on you. Nice memories

Valerie said...

Okay I have been having a popcorn craving -- what is the magic Curtis does to the popcorn?

Feathering My Nest said...

What a fun trip. I love going to Seattle's Pike Street Market too. There are so many interesting things, like the guys who throw fish. Great pictures!