Friday, January 25, 2008

Decisions as a mom

My daughter doing her Christmas tap production
This was the first week my daughter didn't go to piano lessons. She has been playing almost two years and is very good. She really has wanted to quit for six months and we finally decided to after the Christmas recital. The trouble with her is that she is good at everything she does. She has been dancing since she was three and is great. She loves horses and is great at her riding lessons. So as her parent, what do you do? Do you squash her enthusiasm for these things, and how do you keep her focused on a few talents. It was a hard decision to allow her to step away from playing the piano because she is so great and it is something she can use as an adult.
I guess we just do our best and pray for guidance. I figure both these kids will need counseling no matter what we do and most their problems we be our fault.


Shannon said...

So true on the counseling. I always say, "they're going to counseling anyway, so you may as well give them some really good stuff to talk about!"

The Pace Posse said...

Shannon - that is so funny! I am going to steal that one. :)

Anonymous said...

I feel your frustration...and my kids have not even entered that phase of childhood yet. I am actually afraid of enrolling them in all of those fun things because I am afraid it will lead to the spiraling out of control of our schedules. But I can't keep my kids out for long. Soon it will be gymnastics and swimming and soccer and all other types of lessons, classes or events. We've started slowly - our first swimming lesson was last week!!

meleea said...

it does get out of control sometimes. We try to limit our kids to committing to only two things each for the school year. It is amazing though to watch your kids shine at things God has truly gifted them at. When my kids are doing what they were created for, they are both happier people. How did the swimming lesson go?