Monday, January 28, 2008

Fun Morning in the Snow!

Now that we have a hill to sled on, we tested out the run. Tucker decided it was pretty fun to chase the kids down the hill. Luckily, everyone escaped the teeth.
The kids both had fun getting air at the bottom. It was a nice dry snow, perfect for sledding.

Tucker had enough energy for all of us. Every thing is a celebration when you are a puppy!

I decided since Tucker wanted to chase us, that he needed to test out the sled run. We made it successfully to the bottom.

Their are several cows in the field next to us. Daily the cows and tucker have a stare down. Even though he wants them to come to the fence, he is terrified if they get too close. He talks big, but really is a chicken around big animals.

The men made an odd snowman. His hair is grass and he looks a little mean! Obviously, us girls had already gone in for hot cocoa by this point.
We love snow days!!


annette said...

OH we're coming over next snow to enjoy your hill!!! my kids went on a bike ride! HA! and cody and curtis' snowdude is great!

emma said...

i love my little tucker!