Wednesday, January 30, 2008

His Heart is Good

This was the daily reading that came today from Ransomed Heart:

If You Knew His Heart Was Good 01/30/2008
Everyone has been betrayed by someone, some more profoundly than others. Betrayal is a violation that strikes at the core of our being; to make ourselves vulnerable and entrust our well-being to another, only to be harmed by those on whom our hopes were set, is among the worst pain of human experience. Sometimes the way God treats us feels like betrayal.
We find ourselves in a dangerous world, unable to arrange for the water our thirsty souls so desperately need. Our rope won’t take the bucket to the bottom of the well. We know God has the ability to draw water for us, but oftentimes he won’t. We feel wronged. After all, doesn’t Scripture say that if we have the power to do someone good, we should do it (Prov. 3:27)? So why doesn’t God?
As I spoke with a friend about her painful life, how reckless and unpredictable God seems, she turned and with pleading eyes asked the question we are all asking somewhere deep within: “How can I trust a lover who is so wild?” Indeed, how do we not only trust him, but love him in return? There’s only one possible answer: You could love him if you knew his heart was good. (The Sacred Romance , 70)

This is a big concept to get our minds around. God does have a good heart - even when circumstances are horrible in our lives. When kids are growing up in dump, or a boy has to go through chemo, or your wife dies unexpectedly, or you lose everything, etc. Trusting in God is a daily battle that takes a lot of work. Choosing to trust even when our hearts don't feel like it - trusting that our feelings will come along later.

A friend shared a great verse with us today:

"I called on your name, O Lord,
from the lowest pit.
You have heard my voice:
Do not hide your ear
from my sighing, from my cry for help.
You drew near on the day I called on You,
and said, "Do not fear!"

Lamentations 3:55-57

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