Friday, May 2, 2008

laughter is good for the soul!

Curtis and I have been missing laughter. We used to laugh a lot around here but it has been a challenge to find things worth laughing at lately. I love to listen to my kids laugh!! Last night they sat at the computer with me watching a few fun youtube videos on a friend's blog. They were hilarious and my kids were cracking up! Thanks valerie for a good laugh - we needed it.

We have this new favorite picture of our kids that we keep putting everywhere to remind us how good laughter is for the soul. It is from our trip to Disneyworld in October. Our kids were riding the animal safari ride which is their grandfather's (Pop) favorite ride. They were not amused and were just staring at the guy driving the boat with stonecold stares. They were thinking...Where is the thrill - the excitement? You have got to be kidding? These animals aren't real! This is a lame ride!!!
Then suddenly they were sprayed with water and we caught it on camera. It was hilarious for us parents as we watched.
Maybe this ride wasn't so bad! Maybe we didn't need a big roller coaster to have fun - just enjoy the simple things in life - find joy in everything! What a good reminder and lesson for us.


Valerie said...

Isn't laughter fun. I need to do more of it. We loved that ride at Disneyland. It was so simple and ridiculous it made us just want to laugh at ourselves and the tour guide (we had a funny one that we kept going back to -- Riley really liked it) who seemed to not understand how silly the whole thing was. Good memories.

annette said...

that picture (and the accompanying story) crack me up too! especially getting to know your kids more!!!

The Aldridge's said...

Cheryl and I have been laughing a lot more (basically everyday) since the twins arrived. Their joy is contagious!

Feathering My Nest said...

I wish I laughed more. It seems I am a more serious person than others, and now my children have become the same. I could pray for more laughter!!

Your children are darling. Happy Mother's Day. Kathi

Tawnya P. said...

What a great picture/story! I can't help but smile and laugh too!!