Thursday, March 20, 2008

Family Traditions

Last night at 9 pm we decided to color Easter Eggs - something my kids have always loved. Here are my daughter's creative designs - wouldn't Easter eggs be boring without color!

My Son's designs were a little different - I have never seen a skull and crossbones in an easter kit before but he loved it!

We always end the tradition with blending cool color combinations of the dye in the toilet. They love to see what the colors become before we flush them away - I know this is pretty weird, but we have been doing it for years!


Lee Ann said...

Ok Meleea, we dumped the color down the toilet after I read this. It got a bit stressful though because Steve was trying to take pictures and then a little splashed and I set the cup down on the counter which started to stain the counter and he got way too concerned about it all. I ended up dumping the rest alone.

It was fun while it lasted though :-)

annette said...

we never dyed eggs much as a kid... we did the shrinky-dink kind where the plastic film molds to the shape of the eggs... but no one in my fam liked hard boiled eggs, so there wasn't a demand for it. anyway, i LOVE that you started this at 9PM... that's awesome.

Julie said...

ha, ha. the toilet thing is awesome.