Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thank you friends & family!

My birthday was this last Monday - yes, I am now on the countdown to 40! My celebration started out fun on Saturday night when my parents took my family out to my favorite - PF Changs - it was fun and delicious!
Saturday I also got a package in the mail and I love to get mail! My brother mailed me a cozy Penn State sweatshirt that I was wanting, since he will be leaving Pennsylvania and heading off to Laos this summer. It was nice to get fun mail!
Sunday morning my family made me a wonderful breakfast in bed and the kids even did the dishes! My kids blessed me with great cards and gifts they purchased with their own money from Target - great job guys!
Sunday evening my wonderful homegroup women - Kim, Julie, Ashley & Annette did a fun celebration. Ashley made me a great chocolate & raspberry cake - Yum! They also gave me a gift certificate for my hair salon - thanks girls!
Monday My Mom took me shopping for clothes and then out to lunch - we had a lot of fun!
Monday night my two dear friends - Vicky & Dawn- took me out for a special date. We had a quiet intimate dinner at one of their houses with dinner from Olive Garden.
We snuggled up under blankets and sat on the couch talking until 11 pm - it was great for my heart!
My Hubby was home waiting with a card & creme brulee ice cream! Yum!!
Thank you friends and family for a wonderful celebration - you blessed me a ton!


Julie said...

how fun, meleea. we love you!! julie

Trish said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! I'm glad you had such a great weekend celebrating YOU, because you are very deserving of CELEBRATION!!

I love PF Changs too, but have only been there once........yummy!

I pray for many blessings for you this year!

The Pace Posse said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!
I am glad that you had such a great weekend and were well taken care of. That's how birthdays should be!

I pray the coming year is full of joy!

michelle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELEEA! Looks like you had tons of fun. It's nice to have friends and feel loved. Not much better than that!


Happy Birthday!
Sounds like it was lots of fun. Fun with family and girlfriends is always the way to go :-)