Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mother!!!

I love my mom - Pat. She and my dad, Kent, raised me and my younger brother, Berkeley. My mom is a true servant - she volunteers with so many organizations, I lose count. From the time I can remember my parents were always having people staying with us and opening their home for ministry. We respect that she has a huge hunger for Jesus and is always learning and growing more like Him!

My mom is one of those women who never sits still when we are all together. She always is serving us - getting us a drink, or asking what she can do for us. It is such a blessing to us. My mom is also the biggest help to me - she loves on my kids, takes care of me when I am sick, fills in with my family when I need the help. I am so thankful for her support and hands-on help in our life.
My mom is also extremely fun! My kids probably laugh more with Nan than anyone else. She was always making things fun when we were kids. We were doing skits and acting out things all the time - a lot of them were her ideas and she would act with us here and there. She also loved to dance and would put on her "old" records and show us a bunch of dances from when she was a girl. She is young at heart and you can tell from looking at her. When she goes to grandparents day at the kids school, my daughter always says "Wow, Nan must be the youngest grandma ever!" She looks amazingly young for her age.
Happy Birthday Mom!!! We love you!!!!


Trish said...

Happy Birthday Pat! I have been on the receiving end of your warm and loving acceptance and have seen your servants heart at work. I pray for a wonderful year and a continued lifetime of laughter for you!

Tricia Hull

Anonymous said...

wow, what a tribute, thank you so much, but I am the one who has been blessed over and over and more than you can ever believe in having you, you husband, children and your brother as my family. I praise the Lord for all of you everyday. When I became a Christian the Lord said to me that He would restore the years that the locust had eaten and He has done that with all of you and Your great Dad.. Happy birthday to you on Monday...... Mom

annette said...

i love your mom, too!!! she is SO funny, and to think i have just found that out in the last year... she is truly one of the most wonderful people i know! happy happy birthday Pat! : )

annette said...

hey HAppY BirTHdAy to YOU, Meleea!!!! enjoy 35! (wink wink)


Tell your mom happy birthday!

I came here via Michelle, so I'm going to enjoy catching up with you via your blog!

Melody said...

We are thinking of you today. God bless you, Dan and Melody