Thursday, October 2, 2008

the fun painting begins

The kids finally got their paint this week and started making the rooms their own. Emma is doing 2 pink and 2 tan walls in her room with all of her pink, brown and orange decor. She is really excited to unpack all of her stuff and get it back into her own space.
Cody is going for a pretty daring color. He is doing two of the walls a very bright lime green. I was a little nervous about it a first, but I really like it on the wall. He & Curtis are building a secret closet that comes down out of the ceiling since his room did not have a closet. It is going to be a "dream" for a boy I have been told. His friend that came to help paint thought the closet was the coolest thing!
We are having a work day this weekend and hope to have all interior painting complete. Then the hardwood will get refinished and the trim installed. The end is in sight!
Today I was blessed by my MIL and SIL who came and cleaned my apartment while I was gone. It was nice to have the space we are living in be clean since the remodel makes such a mess. Thanks friends and family for all the support!!


Lee Ann said...

Oh I love the colors! What kid wouldn't love a secret closet?! I hope my kids get someplace secret in our new place.....just because I always wanted something like that and never had it.

Eryn said...

I LOVE that green! Awesome.

Sounds like it will be soon! I'm excited for you to be able to be settled into your own home again!

annette said...

those colors look great- and what awesome mil and sil you have... can i give them my address? ; )

Meredith said...

I too love love love the green!!

The end is in sight. Take a deep breath. You are almost there.