Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Productive Day!

Today we were blessed by a home group from our church that came to help out for the morning. They installed shelving, started all the sanding of the kitchen cabinets, sanded windows for trim to be installed, and did a lot of painting.
Here is a group shot of them after the lunch they provided. It was so nice to have so much help. We got a lot done in the hours they were here and it definitely boosted our spirits!

Most of the interior wall painting is now complete. Here is a photo with the fireplace I started a month or so ago. We still have to do the tile in front of it. Right now it is the storage spot for our musical inspiration while we work!
This is Cody's room. He did two walls lime and two white. The contraption made of wood is actually a closet that comes down out of the ceiling with a remote. I am told this is pretty cool. We still have to paint it but it is close to being done.
Notice the window trim got installed today also. Andrew came over after the other crew left to help out for awhile.
Emma's paint and window trim was completed today also. The pink and tan looks really great together - but the basketball flooring has got to go! It should be a beautiful maple floor after this next week.
Our bedroom has a color I am liking more all the time. It has a bluish-green color on a couple walls and then the tan on the other two. Our floor is a stained heated concrete floor that I hope I will like.
It was so nice to get so much done in one day. It has been a slow but steady process and we are thinking we will meet our goal of Thanksgiving. Thank you to all the people who have blessed us so much this week. You have lifted our spirits more than you can imagine!!


Lee Ann said...

It's all looking so good! What a blessing that you got so much help.

Meredith said...

It looks beautiful! I love your fireplace. Yeah for getting closer to being done.

michelle said...

your place is looking great! love the colors you chose and Cody's closet is amazing. Alexis told me all about it (i think she heard from her g-pa). what a blessing your home group was, so nice.

meleea said...

thanks guys for the compliments. it wasn't our home group that helped, though ours has helped us a lot. it was another group - and we met several of the people for the first time that day!!

Mara said...

I'm so glad that a home group came over to help you guys, especially with all the serving you have done over the years! That is so great!

Anonymous said...

What a difference a couple of posts make...sounds like things are going better! How great to have all that help and get so much accomplished!

One- said...

Wow, it's all looking fab! Progress feels good, eh. Maybe one of these days, we will come for a visit, and I will have to come see it.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that big huge stereo with the colossal speakers is going to keep you nice and toasty during the winter. :)

Love your son's room and your daughter's too. Oddly enough, my oldest boy also chose bright green for his room at our house and our little baby room is also pink and brown.

I think the cement floors are a super cool idea! Love that!

I hope you'll all be able to have a super relaxed and lovely Thanksgiving in a house that is all put together.