Monday, October 13, 2008

time for playing

Yesterday our baby turned one! We started the morning with a bone, peanut butter and a candle while singing to our favorite furry friend! We thank God for this bundle of joy - who loves us unconditionally and is always excited to see us (even if we just walked out of the room for a minute or two!)
I am not sure about this photo! Who the heck are these kids? They did about 6 different shots being very strange. They had gone roller skating the night before and were having a restful Sunday morning. Maybe we need to do a little more of this relaxin thing!
As we headed out to the pumpkin patch Sunday afternoon I found this on the wall. Hello!! Excuse me, but spiders like this are not allowed on the wall of the house. If I find something like this on the inside of the house, I am outta here! Yuck!
When the kids were little we always went to pomeroy house for pumpkins, but then school field trips always took us to Bizi Farms. So this year we returned to one of my favorite spots to hunt for pumpkins. It was a beautiful day!!

Curtis wanted to give the kids a little love squeeze while we waited for the hay ride. Notice there is no line? It was fabulous!!!

The four of us sat at the back for the best view (according to our kids).
After they dropped us off at the pumpkin patch, Emma found one she liked right away! She likes the small cute round ones that are easy to carve and carry!
Cody on the other hand searched the entire field for the big one he wanted. He & Curtis make quite a masterpiece so it has to be just so. We tried to keep up with Cody but he was long gone!
Luckily, we brought along our muscles so we could get it back to the wagon...
We continued the hayride down pumpkin lane which is beautiful. It has several cool old barns and about 80 pumpkin characters along the route.
The ride is about a mile and the pumpkin folks were fun to see.
This is my ideal place for a pumpkin patch - nestled in the hills - I wanted to stay all day!
After the hay ride, we met a very friendly goat and some other animals at the barn.

One of these days when we can finish our outside fence, we want to get a couple goats.
We ended our trip by watching this rooster sleep on one foot on top of a stump. What is he thinking? Doesn't he know how dangerous that is?

Thank you God for fall and your creation. We are so blessed to live in the northwest!!


The Aldridge's said...

Looks like you have a lot of fun!!


The Pace Posse said...

Happy Birthday to your puppy!
The pumpkin patch looks like lots of fun!

Eryn said...

It was fun to bump into you guys out there! I hadn't ever done the pumpkin thing there, it was so great! I loved it! One of my favorite spots, I think.

Lee Ann said...

looks like a perfect family day!

Meredith said...

Oh, I love it!! Looks like a wonderful day and weekend of family fun. I'm thinking that we're going to head there to get our pumpkins as well.

One- said...

That spider is disgusting. I may never come to visit the northwest again. Gross! The doggy...cute! Spider, ooooh!

Julie said...

how fun, meleea. are you going to let tucker go 'fluffy' again?

annette said...

it's been SO long since i visited your blog, meleea! love the pumpkin patch pictures and mr tuckers birthday and the silly children... you do need to chill more, i like that side of them!

Mara said...

what pumpkin patch did you go to?? We haven't gone yet, but still need to!!! Thanks for posting the remodel's always impressive to see the "shell" and then the finished product.

Mara said...

ps. I'm arachniphobic (sp??), so thank you very much for posting the warning before I had to see it...I was able to scroll quickly and didn't get a look, PHEW!!!!!!!!!